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What Ads are Political? Twitter Struggles with A Definition


Governmental commercials are no more permitted on Twitter from Friday, 22 December. This really is, as an example, compensated advertising where individuals are referred to as upon to assist a marketing campaign or vote for a particular politician.


CEO Jack Dorsey got already indicated last month he wanted to ban political advertisements. But it was not yet clear at that time what forms of marketing the new rule would affect.

Now Twitter has released more details. All advertising and marketing that refers to ‘a prospect, governmental party, elected or designated government selection, referendum and established voting measure,laws and rules, directive or judicial outcome’ will no longer be approved.

There can also be constraints for commercials which can be specifically directed at certain geographical areas.

There exists huge social pressure on social networking companies to avoid taking advertisements that spread bogus info and may impact elections. Twitter differentiates itself from rival Facebook or twitter, which fails to remain in the way of governmental advertising.

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