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US Senator Kamala Harris to Americans: Make Plans to Vote


US Senator Kamala Harris, elected by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as vice president-nominee, called on US voters to start making plans to vote at the opening of the third day of the Democratic convention.


Harris said Americans should ask why Republicans “don’t want us to vote,” according to CNN news channel.

Harris will formally accept the nomination as vice president-candidate on Wednesday evening.

In a brief statement at the beginning of the evening, she lamented the obstacles Republicans would try to put in place to prevent Democratic voters from voting. “Why is so much being done to silence our voices?” Harris said.

“The answer is because when we vote, things change. When we vote, things get better,” she continued. “When we vote, we raise the need for everyone in our country to be treated with dignity and respect.”

According to Harris, every voter should have a plan to vote and be prepared.

Harris then directed voters to a helpline that advises people on how to ensure they can vote in the presidential election on November 3.

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