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US Prepares for Capitol Storming Memorial


The United States is gearing up for the commemoration of the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Attorney General Merrick Garland will give a speech on Wednesday about dealing with the people behind the riots, reports The Washington Post.


A day later, speeches are also expected from President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump.

Garland will not talk about specific people or charges, and an insider told the newspaper. He wanted to remain anonymous because the speech had not yet been officially announced. However, the minister would like to speak a day before the commemoration about his ministry’s commitment to “defending Americans and American democracy against violence”.

Prosecutors in Washington are prosecuting more than 725 people for last year’s riots, according to the paper. Then, in the aftermath of the presidential election, supporters of then-President Trump stormed the parliament building. They wanted to prevent parliamentarians from ratifying Trump’s election defeat. At least seven people were killed.

Trump has maintained without evidence that he fraudulently lost the election to Democrat Biden. The former president has already announced that he will hold a press conference on January 6 at his Mar-a-Lago estate. He believes that the investigation into the riots does not pay enough attention to his claim that the elections were rigged.

Biden and his Vice President, Kamala Harris, will deliver speeches Thursday to reflect on the riots. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said a ceremony will also be held in parliament. In addition, there will be an adapted program with a moment of silence and speeches in which parliamentarians look back on the day.

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