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US Corona Deaths Exceed US WWII Death Toll


The corona epidemic has meanwhile claimed more fatalities in the United States than the Second World War.


According to figures from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, on President Joe Biden’s inauguration day, the US passed the 405,399 American deaths during World War II.

The US Center for Disease Prevention CDC reported on Wednesday that 153,106 new cases of infection were identified in the US in the past 24 hours.

At least 2,297 people in the US have died from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. The CDC has a slightly lower total death toll than Johns Hopkins University.

The death toll underscores the great challenge facing the Biden administration in tackling the corona epidemic. “We need all our strength to hold on through this dark winter,” said Biden in his inaugural address. the most challenging and deadliest period of the virus. “

The US is the hardest-hit country in the world in terms of both infections and deaths. The coronavirus has already been diagnosed in more than 24.4 million people in the US.

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