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Union: British Shop Staff More Often Verbally Abused

British shopkeepers have increasingly faced insults and threats from customers since the corona pandemic. The Usdaw store workers’ union reported this after a poll of 4,600 store employees.

More than 70 percent of employees surveyed said they had experienced verbal abuse, while nearly half said they had been threatened. During corona, customers expressed their frustrations about mouth mask obligations and keeping their distance from store staff.

According to Usdaw, which has 360,000 members, increasing tensions about sharply increased store prices are also causing problems, for example, because people complain to staff.

The union comes with the investigation at the beginning of a week in which store staff asks for respect. Usdaw members will campaign for this and ask shoppers to treat employees in stores with respect. In the run-up to the holidays, there are usually more incidents in shops because it is much busier.

Retail businesses also face challenges of their own, including staff shortages. To attract and retain staff, retail chains raise wages. Strikes are also more frequent in the retail sector to enforce demands for higher wages.

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