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Two-Thirds of Small British Companies Send Workers on Leave


Two-thirds of the small businesses in the UK have sent one or more workers on leave because there is little or no work due to the corona crisis.


This is reported by the British Chamber of Commerce. According to an estimate from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), 30 percent of small business employees are affected.

The UK government has asked companies to send people on leave rather than fire them to prevent people from losing their jobs.

Companies can then request help from the government to pay their wages.

The government gives people who are on leave 80 percent of their usual wages. The scheme is likely to cost the UK £ 48 billion.

Despite the scheme, unemployment in the country is expected to rise sharply. The OBR believes that 10 percent of the UK workforce may be out of a job. That’s about 2 million people.

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