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Twitter Starts With Groups for People with Similar Interests


Twitter users will soon be able to talk in separate groups with people interested in the same topic.


The platform is launching so-called Communities, where people can chat with each other about things such as dogs, skincare or astrology.

Community is a bit like Facebook Groups and Reddit’s so-called Subreddits. The posts are publicly viewable, but only other members of the group can comment. Each group on Twitter is managed by a few people who determine who is welcome and what rules apply in the group.

Twitter announced the new feature on Thursday. The messaging service calls it “a trusted space for conversations.” At the moment, Communities is still in a test phase. The feature is rolling out to a limited number of users these days via the iOS and web versions of Twitter. On Android, the Communities can only be read for the time being, again by a limited audience.

The intention is that more groups will be created in the coming months and that more people will be allowed to create a group.

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