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Turkey Angry About European Sanctions


Turkey has reacted angrily to European sanctions against a Turkish company that allegedly violates the UN embargo on Libya.


The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs accuses the EU of being biased and of “double standards”.

For the first time this week, the European Union imposed sanctions on violators of the arms embargo on Libya.

In addition to the Turkish Avrasya Shipping, they also encounter a Jordanian freight shipping company and an airline from Kazakhstan.

Libya, North Africa, has been in chaos since the death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Turkey supports the UN-recognized government in Tripoli. Rival warlord Khalifa Haftar also receives help from abroad, including the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.

The EU believes that military equipment has been smuggled to Libya through the Turkish company. Ankara itself says that it concerned relief goods.

The ministry complains that “Turkish humanitarian aid to the legitimate government” is now being labelled a violation of the embargo, while foreign arms supplies to Haftar are being condoned.

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