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Trump’s Team Raised 150 Million Since Elections


US President Donald Trump and his allies have received more than 150 million dollars (125 million euros) in donations since last month’s election.


That’s what insiders say to the Washington Post newspaper. Trump’s campaign team declined to respond.

Trump has been complaining since the election that he lost to fraud. His lawyers have not been able to prove this convincingly in court, but loyal supporters do transfer a lot of money to support the president.

That gives Trump and his allies a reason not to give up, according to the newspaper.

Potential lenders are bombarded with threatening e-mails about election fraud. Also on Trump’s official campaign site is a call to transfer money for a “fund to defend the elections.”

Only part of the money that Trump supporters transfer is used to fund that legal battle. Much of the donations will likely be set aside to help fund Trump’s future political activities, the paper said.

It is unusual for a campaign team to raise such a considerable amount immediately after the election. The losers usually start to wind down their fundraisers.

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