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Trump Took Tons of Art From the Parisian Embassy With Him


President Donald Trump is said to have taken 750,000 dollars worth of artwork from the residence during a visit to the American embassy in Paris.


According to insiders, he would have a portrait, a bust and a set of silver figures loaded on a whim on his Air Force One plane.

Trump scrapped a visit to a military cemetery of honour of World War I during the 2018 visit, according to a publication last week because he did not want to go to a graveyard of ‘losers’.

In the hours he had to spare. As a result, he would have taken a good look around the embassy, where he stayed. The Hôtel de Pontalba in the 8th arrondissement of Paris is the flagship of the art program that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rolled out in embassies. Guided tours are also available.

Trump is said to have designated a bust of Benjamin Franklin, a portrait of the U.S. Representative in France and a pair of silver Greek mythological figures to take back to the White House the day after the cancelled visit to the cemetery, several American media reported.

He is said to have promised the American ambassador that the artworks would return to Paris after six years, at the end of his second term of office.

“The president has taken these beautiful, historical pieces, which are owned by the American people, back to the United States for display prominently,” his spokesman confirmed.

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