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Trump in Georgia to the Court for Postal Votes


President Donald Trump’s campaign team is going to court in the state of Georgia to demand that postal votes be set aside after election day. That is stated in a statement from Trump’s team.


A Trump campaign official says the president and his team are trying “in the interests of the country” to ensure that the law is enforced. “And the law in Georgia is very clear: to be counted, postal votes must be in before 7:00 pm on election day.”

Trump’s campaign wants to prevent ballots sent by post that arrived too late from being counted. Court documents refer to an incident where ballots that “were not processed properly” were placed with other ballots.

The rules on how postal votes should be handled vary from state to state. In some places in the United States, ballots sent on time must also be counted if they arrive in the days following the election. In Georgia, only postal votes are counted that are received by 7:00 pm on election day.

Trump has complained that the election is being “stolen” and has launched a legal offensive in multiple states. His campaign also calls for vote counting in Georgia to be stopped. That state is suitable for 16 electors. The media have not yet declared a candidate as the winner.

Similar lawsuits have also been filed by the president’s team in two other crucial swing states, Pennsylvania and Michigan. A Democratic Party lawyer sees this as a desperate move. “Don’t be fooled. They know they have lost and this is all they can do,” lawyer Marc Elias wrote on Twitter.

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