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Trump Has Been Taking Anti-Malarial Drugs Against Corona for A Week and A Half


US President Donald Trump has been taking an anti-malarial for at least a week and a half to prevent him from being infected with the coronavirus.


Although the effect of hydroxychloroquine against corona has not been proven and there may be serious side effects, Trump is convinced of its usefulness.

Trump said he heard “very good things” about the drug and even spoke of a gift from God. “You will be surprised by how many people take it.

Especially in healthcare, people take it, a lot of doctors take it,” Trump said at a White House meeting.

The US president has been promoting the drug since March as the miracle cure for the coronavirus. An American researcher stated that he was removed from his position because he wanted thorough research into hydroxychloroquine.

Rick Bright, chief of the biomedical authority working on a vaccine, testified to Congress that he had been pressured to put money into hydroxychloroquine.

Hydroxychloroquine, also called Plaquenil, was developed decades ago as an anti-malarial drug and also for rheumatic arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

Studies in China and France have shown that the drug in combination with antibiotics against corona may help, but those studies were too limited to provide evidence. It can cause damage to the lungs and other organs.

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