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Trump Does Not Get Overly Bitter About Obamagate


US President Donald Trump is not getting chittered about “Obamagate.” He repeated on Twitter that even the infamous Watergate scandal pales in addition to the new affair, although he has not explained what exactly it would have.


Trump, known for his Twitter rants, has been raving about his predecessor Barack Obama for days.

It previously leaked that the former president had criticized the White House’s corona approach. Obama spoke of a “chaotic disaster”.

Since then, Trump has fiercely rebelled against the Democratic former president. Among other things, he wrote that his predecessor and his vice president Joe Biden headed the “most corrupt government” in American history.

The president also complained that “the biggest political crime” has ever been committed in his country.

He responded with that announcement to a Twitter message from a conservative commentator. He had suggested that Obama used his last weeks as president to sabotage Trump.

Trump did not previously say at a press conference what exactly he blames Obama for.

“You know very well what the crime is. That is obvious to everyone. You just have to read the paper, except yours,” he told the Washington Post journalist who asked him about Obamagate.

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