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Top Tech Giants Heard in US House of Representatives


A U.S. House of Representatives select committee hears the bosses of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.


It is the first time that all four have been heard at the same time and for Jeff Bezos from Amazon, it is the first time in such a hearing.

The others are Tim Cook from Apple, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and Sundar Pichai from Google.

The investigation is conducted in the context of monopolization and unfair competition from companies and focuses on the enormous size of the companies concerned.

They are suspected of strengthening their positions of power in the sector and in the media by harming or eliminating smaller competitors. The House’s legal “antitrust” subcommittee also wonders whether this unfair competition will harm consumers.

The hearing that starts our time at 6:00 PM may be held over video links related to the corona measures in the US.

Subcommittee Chair, David Cicilline, is known as a fierce critic of the tech giants’ monopoly. He recently called Apple practices outright “highway robbery.”

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