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Top Canadian Camping Apps for Beginners and Experts


Whether you are new to camping or have years of camping experience, the use of camping apps always doubles your experience of camping. If you are living in Canada, the following camping apps will enhance the joy of your camping through facilitating you in everything related to camp Canada.

Just look at the following top apps and download any one of these today to avail the benefits.

• Learn to camp
This is a must-to-have app that will make your camping experience the most reliable, enjoyable, and tension free. Through this fantastic app, you will be able to learn about all the basics of camping and all the necessary stuff for it.

No matter where are you going camping, this app will be a complete set of instructions for your campsite. It will also help you in selecting the place for camp Canada and packing the necessary stuff for camping. You will also learn about the do’s and don’ts of camping at any site through this fantastic app.

• Wikicamps for camp Canada
Another fantastic app for getting some help in camping is very famous and mostly used Wikicamps app. This app has brought a revolution in the lives of those who love camping. The best thing about this app is that you can easily download it on your mobile phone within seconds without paying any fee.

Once you download it, you can open it to navigate through its adorable features. Here, you will enjoy an easy-to-use infrastructure where all of the information regarding camping will be organised, clear to see/read, and easily accessible.

• iOverlander
For a Canadian camping trip, this app is also an amazing one due to its features. This app is a complete database of all the campsites in Canada with the necessary details about each site. In this way, it enables you to learn about any of the campground where you want to go before heading towards it.

In this way, it better prepares you for your camping trip and helps you in avoiding any troubles in your way. Furthermore, it also allows you to add new places for camping as well as giving your feedback about the camping sites you visited. In this way, it will enable you to do much more than just searching the camping sites.

• Canada Topo Maps
This app enables you to look at the maps and routes for a particular camping space. IF you are going camping in a new place for the first time, this app would be a lifesaver for you. This is because it will help in saving your precious time in searching for the routes to reach the exact location.

Through this app, you can also search for nearby places for hiking, shopping, riding, skiing, etc. during your camping trip. Thus, it is the best app that you can use effectively and efficiently during camp Canada.

• Knot guide for camp Canada
Knot guide app will help you in finding the right place to tie a knot for your camping experience. No matter whether you are a new or experienced camper, you will never be disappointed by using this app. The best thing is that you can easily download in any of the smartphones and start using it immediately to look for best camping places and other pieces of advice.

Whenever you go anywhere for camping, this mind-blowing app will help you in binding, climbing, fishing, hitching, running, whipping, and scooping etc. Once you use this app during your camping, you will never be able to camp without it.

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