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The Increasingly More Enormous Price Difference Between A House and A-Brands in Supermarkets


The price difference between brands and private labels in supermarkets is increasing considerably.


While the difference in 2014 was still an average of 24 percent, private label products are now generally 45 percent cheaper.

Researchers from the Consumers’ Association filled a shopping trolley at fifteen supermarkets with 125 different products from A-brands, and another cart was filled with the same type of house brand products.

There are especially outliers with detergents and dishwasher tablets. According to the researchers, washing powder from a private label is on average 79 percent cheaper than that of the Ariel brand.

Occasionally, the private label turned out to be slightly more expensive than the A brand. According to the association, the price difference between A-brands and supermarket private labels grows by approximately 5 percent every year.

The association also comes with a tip: those who prefer premium brands are advised to keep an eye out for offers. The average discount for branded goods is between 30 and 35 percent.

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