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The Coronavirus Has Reached the Italian-Speaking Part of Switzerland


The coronavirus has reached the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The first infection was recorded there in Switzerland.


The Health Minister, Alain Berset, told the media that the country is well prepared and the government is keeping a close eye on the situation. The virus was detected in the southern canton of Ticino.

Almost 70,000 people go from Italy to Ticino, who speaks Italian, every day to work there. According to Berset, no travel restrictions apply.

Ticino is a sort of cove in the Italian region of Lombardy. Most of the coronavirus cases were found there in Italy.

Austria and Croatia also detected cases of the new virus on Tuesday.

In Tyrol, Tyrol, two 24-year-old men from the city were admitted to hospital with the virus and a young patient in Zagreb.

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