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‘The Company Behind TikTok Wants To Market Its Smartphone’


‘The Company behind TikTok wants to Market its Smartphone.’ ByteDance, the company behind the social medium TikTok, is planning to launch its smartphone. According to the reports based on two insiders.


The Chinese company became the owner of TikTok in 2017 by purchasing the app,

 then known as and changing the name a year later.

The app enables users to record, share and simulate short videos.

Also, reported that ByteDance intends to provide its smartphone with pre-installed apps to enhance the number of users.

In China, the company operates, among other things, the Chinese version of TikTok and Toutiao,

 a popular app with a personalised news offering.

It is unclear which market ByteDance would like to use with its smartphones.

The company refused to respond to the reports.

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