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Teenager Killed and Several People Shot at Washington Music Festival


A 15-year-old boy was killed and three others injured in a shooting at the Moechella music festival in Washington DC on Sunday. That reports the New York Times. The condition of the injured, including a police officer, is said to be stable.


The Metropolitan Police Department, the police force in Washington, halted the free street festival after a brawl earlier in the evening. The festival took place near the intersection of 14th and U Streets in northwest DC, a popular entertainment district.

When police and emergency personnel cleared the area to attend to people fleeing a disturbance, “several individuals were shot,” Washington DC chief Robert J. Contee III said at a news conference, according to the New York Times.

Police say the police officer who was shot will recover and the two other adults are in stable condition. It is not yet clear whether or not a suspect has been arrested. The exact circumstances of the shooting remain unclear, writes the New York Times.

The police chief expressed his annoyance at the press conference about the number of illegal weapons in the area, because the police would have found several earlier in the evening.

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