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Teenager Arrested in Connection with GTA VI Leak

London police say they have arrested a 17-year-old for hacking. The teenager may be responsible for leaking images from the game Grand Theft Auto 6 and attacking ride-hailing service Uber.

British police collaborated with the American FBI for the arrest, and for now, only say that the teenager is being arrested for ‘hacking’.

However, according to various media, it would be the person who stole and released images of the long-awaited game Grand Theft Auto 6 from publisher Rockstar earlier this month. The same attacker also claimed a hack from ride-hailing service Uber. Screenshots of internal systems and source code were shown.

Both attacks came to light two weeks ago. Uber itself blamed the cybergroup Lapsus$ in a statement after the attack. That group made itself heard at the beginning of this year with attacks on Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia, among others.

In March of this year, London police arrested seven suspects, in that case, the majority of whom were also teenagers.

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