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Taliban Claim to Have Conquered 85 Percent of Afghanistan


The Taliban say they currently control 85 percent of Afghanistan. Earlier in the day, it was announced that they had captured a vital border crossing between Afghanistan and Iran.


The Taliban also control more than 60 percent of the border with Tajikistan, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

The Taliban say that schools and hospitals in their controlled areas can continue to operate as usual. The group also asks international aid organizations to continue their work in Afghanistan.

The Taliban are making a significant advance through Afghanistan. For two decades, the Afghan government has been aided by international forces in fighting the group, but that international support is now on the decline. Last week, the United States handed over its main base to the Afghan government.

US President Joe Biden has announced that the US mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31. He acknowledges that the Afghan government cannot control the entire country, but he still does not want to send new military forces to the country.

“The US did not go to Afghanistan for nation-building,” Biden said. Instead, according to him, Afghans should determine their own future.

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