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Shell Invests In Google’s Energy-Generating Kite


Shell invests in Google’s Energy-generating Kite. Oil and gas company Shell is investing an unknown amount in Makani, a concern that develops an energy generating kite. Makani was part of the Alphabet, the parent company of Google, for a long time, but is now a collaboration between both multinationals.


The specific financial details have not been disclosed. The parties state that the agreement has been set up to establish cooperation and that there is no necessity to raise money.

According to Shell, cooperation assists in the development of wind projects at sea.

The oil company is active, for example, in a Dutch offshore wind farm off the coast of Zeeland.

Shell is also going to develop a wind farm at sea in the United States.

Makani has been working on an energy generating kite for almost twenty years.

Until now, the concentration was mainly on a kite that works from land, but with the experience of Shell, the company is going to focus on kites at sea.

For example, many coastal waters are too deep for wind turbines.

But Makani could still allow a solution with kites here because the pilots do not need large platforms.

Several companies are working on the technology to generate energy with kites,

 but so far few companies have succeeded in making these kites commercially interesting.

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