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Sharing News in Australia Via Facebook Will be Possible Again

Within a few days, Facebook will make it possible for Australian users to share the news with their contacts via Facebook and Instagram.


The American social media company had previously limited this option in response to a bill requiring Facebook and Google to pay for news from Australian media companies. The Canberra government has now agreed to amend the scheme.

“We are pleased that the government has agreed to some changes and assurances that address our concerns,” Facebook said in a statement.

The company has long tried to change the country’s minds about the bill. It stated that this shows no understanding at all “of the relationship between our platform and publishers who use it to share the news”.

However, the government sent the bill to parliament last week. Subsequently, Facebook pages of government services, charities and other organizations would have been blackened. Facebook posts in which people shared Australian news also disappeared.

Due to the restriction, Australian news sites saw their traffic numbers drop by about 13 percent.

The government previously stated that the proposed scheme is in the public interest and took 18 months of research. The law would ensure a more sustainable media sector. “We do not respond to coercion and threats, wherever they come from,” said the finance minister.

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