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Several European Countries Have Additional Corona Restrictions at Easter


Several European countries have additional restrictions during the Easter days to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further.


In contrast to most countries that do not introduce additional measures, including the Netherlands, stricter rules apply in Italy, Spain and Austria around Easter.

Almost all of Italy will face a strict lockdown on April 3, 4 and 5. Non-essential shops will then be closed, the catering industry may only be open for takeout, and schools provide distance learning. People are only allowed to go outside for work or if they have another valid reason. These rules already apply in regions with many corona infections.

Spain will restrict travel between the seventeen regions from April 1 to April 5. Authorities want to prevent the coronavirus spread when people in other areas go on a family visit or vacation. Interregional travel is only allowed for a valid reason, for example, for work or health reasons. The policy criticises the government because the national borders are not closed to tourists from the European Union.

Vienna and other eastern regions of Austria have a strict lockdown between April 1 and April 6. Many shops and various businesses, including hairdressers and massage salons, will have to close. Stores with essential products may remain open. Also, everyone must stay at home as much as possible during this period. If possible, people work from home and give digital lessons in the week after the lockdown.

In Germany, a very strict Easter lockdown was on the agenda, with the country’s most stringent measures yet, but this plan was dropped a day after the announcement due to criticism. The intention was that from April 1 to April 5, non-essential stores would remain closed, and people would be urged to stay at home. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of “a mandatory Easter rest”.

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