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Roxeanne Hazes Reveals Her Waste Secret


Roxeanne Hazes Reveals her waste Secret. Roxeanne Hazes (26) gets a lot of questions about how she lost so much weight in a relatively short time.


In a long series of videos, which she shares in her Instagram Stories, the singer reveals once and for all how she lost her pounds.

“I know how difficult it is to lose pounds,” Roxeanne begins her story.

“Especially when it comes to health, as in my case.”

Roxeanne then says that she was not feeling well, did not want to get out of bed, retained moisture and had too much cholesterol.

“I didn’t lose weight because of some beauty ideal, because I thought I was just a beautiful woman even when I was fuller.

Even though people sometimes reacted annoyingly at the time, which I found very unfortunate.”

“I was just exhausted to run after my baby, so I wanted to do something about it.

Because I want him to do that too.

I want to be a mom who can also have a busy Fender,

 and I noticed that my wick became shorter “, the singer continues.

Then Roxeanne tells what she did to lose weight. “First of all, I called my old trainer. Since then, I have been working out a lot. Very much.

And believe me, I hate sports. But because of all the sports, I notice that my head is much calmer,” says Roxeanne.

Rox then says that she has turned to a dietician for help.

“She helped me with my diet. So that’s actually what I do.

I exercise too much and eat very healthy.

Also, I have a ‘cheat day’ one day a week in which I eat everything,” Roxeanne explains.

Finally, Roxeanne still urges her followers to be who they want to be.

“Because then you are at your best”, she concludes.

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