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R-CUE: Arguably one of The Best Urban DJ/Producer in Australia


Scrolling through some of the best quarantine playlists on Spotify, it was only a matter of time I started listening to some of the top-notch music on the platform. Staring at the wall all day, I felt like the quarantine was getting to me, to be honest. But things changed the moment the first R-Cue song hit the playlist!

His tracks feel so immersive and well-composed to the ears it really makes you forget all your worries and just move to the rhythm. I just had to write about his tracks and make people know that good music still exists!

Let’s talk about some of the most famous tracks he has composed till now. We will be going through each of the tracks and I’ll let you know what exactly makes his music stand out.



Here are some of the best songs written, composed, and produced by R-Cue.


Give It to Me


R-Cue has successfully given a Spanish touch to his music in this title. This brilliant party song makes you move in an instance. It is perfect to be played at the next party you throw because it’s crazy how it brightens up your mood and drives you to shake a leg. I was busy updating my journal when Give it to Me hit the speakers. The opening of the track is so smooth it makes your leg start tapping. Imagine heading into a nightclub and feeling the beats at the gates. The beats of Give it to Me give you the same bassy feeling and get you into the party mood. The lyrics are simple yet crisp and involve a little Spanish, mostly in the beginning of the track. R-Cue has featured another great talent that goes by the name Melissa Kate in the track. While the music is composed by R-Cue, Melissa has done justice to the track with her seductive voice.


Dirty Wine


By now, I was back on my phone to know the name of the track and the artist. I wanted to know who exactly R-Cue is. So, I went to the about section on Spotify and there we go – an Australian Open Format Artist who’s making people go crazy with his crazy-good sense of music. He has performed with so many rockstars of our generation and why wouldn’t he. The music speaks for the brilliance that R-Cue is. Next thing I did was I went back to his albums and played the next track which was Dirty Wine. Again, R-Cue’s love for Spanish is evident as the track opening sets it up perfectly. I could easily imagine myself listening to this track while partying with my friends on a yacht on a sunny day. Melissa Kate’s brilliance breathes life into the music and makes it speak to you heart and soul. It’s a great party track overall.



So Sorry


Imagine finding yourself alone in your home at night with a wine glass in your hand. This is the track you want to listen to. It has a nice LoFi feeling to it and can really set you up for a smooth night. The track has quite a subtle beginning and catches up as you listen more to it. The lyrics are easy to the ear and makes you sway slowly with the beat. This isn’t a party song, though. It is great if you are with your friends and want to have smooth background music. R-Cue knows his game. His quest to be on everyone’s playlist makes him experiment with his music and ladies and gentlemen, this is a successful one.


Easy on Me


The lyrics on this one are amazingly written! You will want to memorize them and maybe show it off to your friends on a long drive. The track is really beautiful. Yes, R-Cue has put just the right beat to the track and made it a little bassy. Works for me, you know. I’m always looking for music that can really set the tone in my house and R-Cue’s tracks do a great job. Easy on Me will go straight to your heart and you might even start listening to it on repeat. Don’t do that, because there’s another great track waiting for you.


Like I Do


I have saved the best for the last. Like I Do is how I roll all day long! Oh, the beats on this track are so good. R-Cue & Lakshane have written the lyrics that match the vibe of the music and puts you in a mood to start moving again. This musical brilliance is a perfect party track. It has the bass, the voice, the music, and the vibe you are looking for when creating a party playlist. Like I Do, Dirty Wine, and Give it to Me are easily my top go-to tracks on the parties I’m gonna throw in the future.

Believe me or not, I have got hooked to R-Cue’s music and I know that it is something that will bring us out of this quarantine alive, for sure. It is probably the music like R-Cue’s that breathes life into such testing times. Go check out his music on Spotify right now and bask in his musical ingenuity!

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