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Qatar Airways CEO Lashes Out at Airbus Again


Qatar Airways may no longer purchase aircraft from European manufacturer Airbus. That is what CEO Akbar Al Baker of the company from the Gulf region warns.


He spoke of a “serious matter” that has disrupted relations but did not provide details.

“We have a serious problem with Airbus, and we need to solve it. If we are unable to do so, we will refuse to take any more planes from them,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Furthermore, Al Baker pointed out that the issue could also cause a lot of “stress” in the relationship between Airbus and British Airways parent IAG, LatAm and other airlines in which Qatar Airways has a stake.

The warning comes a few days after the Qatar Airways chief executive criticized Airbus’ superjumbo A380, which Al Baker believes is too expensive and inefficient. His dissatisfaction with that plane would not be the subject of the final dispute.

Al Baker also spoke about the case of Ryanair being forced into an emergency landing by Belarusian authorities to disembark a dissident.

According to Al Baker, this should never have happened because it could set a precedent. But unlike European carriers, Qatar Airways will not avoid Belarusian airspace.

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