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President Xi Calls for Action Against Hong Kong Corona Outbreak


Chinese President Xi Jinping has said “all necessary measures” must be taken to bring the corona situation in Hong Kong under control. The number of infections in the region has risen to a record high.


Xi is sending a clear signal with his statements, which have been written down by Chinese state media. It is unusual for him to directly interfere in public policy in Hong Kong, a semi-autonomous region with its own political system. Instead, he believes that the Hong Kong government should take its responsibility, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

Regional leader Carrie Lam announced a day earlier that he has no plans for a lockdown for all 7.5 million inhabitants, despite some corona patients being treated in the open air because of the full hospitals. In mainland China, lockdowns and other far-reaching measures are being taken precisely to end outbreaks before they get out of hand.

Xi said the Chinese authorities would do everything they could to help the Hong Kong regional government. However, the many infections have led to an overload of care and a shortage of testing capacity. Also, the quarantine and isolation facilities cannot handle more people. According to media reports, Hong Kong has requested help in solving these problems.

Hong Kong managed to get through the first two years of the pandemic without major outbreaks thanks to strict measures. The number of positive tests is now increasing almost daily. Authorities reported nearly 4,300 new cases on Wednesday and also said another 7,000 people have tested positive for the time being. A total of 26,000 infections have been identified since the pandemic’s start. The death toll is more than two hundred.

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