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Only A Little Movement on the Stock Exchange Wall Street


The stock exchanges in New York are closed on Monday with a divided picture. The eyes were focused on Helsinki, where a summit between President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin took place.


Investors also processed figures from, among others, asset manager BlackRock and Bank of America. Furthermore, oil prices went down considerably.

The Dow-Jones index ended 0.2 percent higher at 25,064.36 points. The broader composite S & P 500 dropped just 0.1 percent to 2798.43 points. Technologiegraadmeter Nasdaq went down 0.3 percent to 7805.72 points.

Trump received a lot of criticism after the meeting with Putin. He said, among other things, to deny Putin’s denial of interference in the American elections. In a press conference afterwards, there was no further talk about the lifting of sanctions from the United States against Russia, but Putin did not give any help either.

Bank of America won 4.3 percent of the companies. The bank saw a slight fall in its turnover, but profits rose sharply due to, among other things, cost savings and tax advantages. The bank wants to return $ 26 billion to shareholders.

BlackRock increased its sales and profits but lost 0.6 percent of market value. The most significant asset manager in the world has $ 6.3 trillion under management.

Oil prices were under considerable pressure due to reports that Saudi Arabia could supply more oil. A barrel of American oil cost 4.1 percent less at $ 68.08. Brent oil dropped 4.6 percent to $ 71.90 a barrel. Oil giants Chevron and ExxonMobil fell to 1 percent.

Investors did not accept Tesla’s recent statements from CEO Elon Musk on Twitter and lowered the share 2.8 percent. Musk responded to criticism from a diver who contributed to the rescue of the Thai football players by calling the man a “pedo”. Musk also offered his help, but the diver called it a PR stunt.

Amazon further increased 0.5 percent. The online store owner has his annual Prime day with offers for people who have paid membership. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing (plus 1.5 percent) announced the necessary new orders at the aviation show in Farnborough, UK.

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