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NYT: US Considers Deploying Troops in Eastern Europe


The US administration of President Joe Biden is considering sending thousands of troops and military ships and planes to NATO member states in Eastern Europe, the New York Times reports.


Initially, it would be 1000 to 5000 troops, possibly increasing that number tenfold if the situation worsens. However, the paper said Biden has no plans to send troops to Ukraine itself.

Until now, the US president has been reluctant to deploy the US military in the situation around Ukraine, fearing that Russia would see the presence of US troops as a provocation. But, according to the paper, Biden will make a decision on the deployment of troops within days.

Earlier on Sunday, the US State Department ordered relatives of diplomatic personnel at the embassy in Kyiv to leave Ukraine. The ministry also issued harmful travel advice for the country due to the “increased threat of a Russian invasion” and Covid-19. The ministry also advises US citizens to leave Ukraine.

“There are reports that Russia plans to take significant military action against Ukraine,” the ministry said in a statement. Especially along with Crimea, the east of the country and along the border, “security conditions are unpredictable and can deteriorate quickly.”

The US added negative travel advice for Russia later on Sunday. The US strongly discourages Americans from travelling overland from Russia to Ukraine because of the Russian troop build-up on the border with Ukraine. “In addition, throughout Russia, there is a risk of harassing foreigners, including the imposition of rules specifically targeting foreigners,” the ministry said in a statement.

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