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North Korea is again Firing Rockets into the Japanese Sea


North Korea has again fired two short-range missiles that have landed in the Japanese Sea. The new launches came shortly after US President Donald Trump announced that he had received “a beautiful letter” from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


In that letter, Kim stated that he was not set up with the military exercises of the US and South Korea.

The rockets were fired from the city of Hamhung, on the east coast of North Korea. They reached a maximum height of 48 kilometres, reached more than 400 kilometres and ended up in the Japanese Sea. It was already the fifth launch in a few weeks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un labels the missile tests as a “warning” to Washington and Seoul, who together conduct military manoeuvres in South Korea.

He announced this in a letter to US President Donald Trump. “A very nice three-page long letter,” Trump said. “Fantastic from start to finish”.

In that letter, Kim said he was not set up with the military exercises. “And I have never been a fan of it,” Trump added. “And do you know why? Because I don’t like paying for it.”

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