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New York Governor Cuomo Refuses to Resign


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, under increasing pressure over allegations of sexually undesirable behaviour, refuses to resign.


According to the Democrat, it would be “undemocratic” to step down on allegations, various American media report. “Under no circumstances will I resign,” he added. A few hours later, the state Senate president, Democrat Andrea Stewart-Cousins, demanded his resignation.

“There is a new message every day that takes attention away from government work,” said Stewart-Cousins. “We must rule without daily distractions. Governor Cuomo must resign.” Carl E. Heastie, the majority leader of the Democrats in the state parliament, was also critical. “I think it is time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can still effectively meet the needs of the people of New York,” said Heastie.

Last weekend, two new statements surfaced from former Cuomo employees about sexually undesirable behaviour. He would have asked one of them at work if she had a partner and kissed her hand. At a reception, he grabbed the woman and kissed her on both cheeks. A photographer who had taken pictures of his hand around her waist was threatened.

Previously, three women made incriminating statements. In his third term in New York, Cuomo has previously received praise for his approach to the corona pandemic. The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, has started an investigation.

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