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Netflix US Shows Warning for New Season Stranger Things


Netflix issued a warning on the first episode of the new season of its “Stranger Things” series in the wake of the deadly shooting at a Texas elementary school earlier this week.


The warning is only available to viewers in the United States, entertainment site Variety reports.

In the warning, the streamer states that viewers may experience the first scenes of the new episodes as disturbing. “We filmed this season of ‘Stranger Things’ a year ago. But given the recent tragic shooting at a Texas school, viewers may find the opening scene of Episode 1 poignant. We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one,” the warning reads.

The first episode of the fourth season of the Netflix series shows quite a bit of violence involving children. This mainly concerns the first scenes in which actress Millie Bobby Brown plays a leading role.

The first seven episodes of season 4 of the American science fiction series have been streaming since Friday. The second part of the season will be released on July 1. That consists of two more episodes, the last of which will last two and a half hours.

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