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Most Deadly Day in Russia Since Coronavirus Outbreak Onset


Most Deadly Day in Russia Since Coronavirus Outbreak Onset. Russia has reported the most massive increase in the death toll since the onset of the corona crisis.


Another 135 patients with the infectious virus died in the country, with a total of 2,972 deaths reported so far. The number of detected infections has now passed 300,000.

Russian authorities say that it was established 24 hours ago that another 8 764 people contracted the virus.

In total, 308,705 corona cases have already come to light in the country. That is the highest number outside the United States. The official Russian death toll is relatively low.

Some countries with fewer infections have reported the deaths of tens of thousands of patients.

Figures about the numbers of deaths and patients in different countries are often difficult to compare because governments use other calculation methods and not everyone tests.

Likewise, presumably, not all countries are equally candid about the actual extent of the virus outbreak on their territory.

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