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Moscow: Disinformation About Navalny Used for Sanctions


A “disinformation campaign” about the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is being used to introduce new sanctions against Russia.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow said in a statement after the G7, the group of seven largest economies, demanded that Russia quickly identify and prosecute those responsible for the poisoning.

Russia systematically denies having anything to do with the poisoning of the prominent Kremlin critic. Germany claimed last week that it had hard evidence that a nerve poison struck him from the novichok group developed in the Soviet Union.

The pressure on Moscow to provide clarification is increasing daily, with growing calls for sanctions against those responsible. The Russian authorities keep saying that Germany is withholding information about the Navalny case.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Berlin of delaying techniques on Wednesday and again called on the German government to share data.

It claims that due to the lack of information, the Russian investigative services cannot determine what happened to Navalny.

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