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More Than Fifty Thousand IT Professionals Left Russia


More than 50,000 Russian IT professionals have left their country after Ukraine invaded in late February. Another 100,000 IT workers may also want to flee in the coming months. This reports The New York Times.


It is estimated that Russia has one to two million IT professionals. The proportion that has fled Russia is therefore relatively limited.

This concerns people who have left the country on their own initiative and Russian employees who have been removed from Russia by international companies after the imposition of sanctions.

Most IT professionals have gone to Armenia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Georgia, according to the American newspaper. This is because they do not need a visa for those countries. In the meantime, the Russian government has taken measures to prevent the outflow of IT staff.

For example, they receive tax benefits, and it is easier for them to get a mortgage for an owner-occupied home.

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