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May Does Not Have To Negotiate Access To The European Internal Market


May does not have to Negotiate Access to the European Internal Market after Brexit. The British Prime Minister Theresa May does not have to negotiate access to the European internal market after the Brexit.


The House of Commons rejected an amendment to the Brexit law, was requested.

327 members voted against the proposal and 126.

The parliament also voted against another amendment to the Brexit law. This change was about informing the parliament about the negotiations on staying in the European customs union.

According to the INC News, both votes are victories for May, which is allowed to carry out its Brexit law almost unchanged.

On Tuesday, May also won a critical vote about an improvement to the Brexit law. Improvements aimed to allow the parliament to reject an agreement on Brexit.

The government opposed this amendment of the law. Several members of the Conservative party were right before the change. As a result, the outcome of the vote had fixed in advance.

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