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Kylie Jenner Acknowledges Shop Problem


Kylie Jenner Acknowledges shop Problem. Kylie Jenner has had her credit card fluttering again.


The 22-year-old reality star and entrepreneur shared videos of her recent harvest and her gigantic shoe cabinet on Instagram.

“I have a problem,” wrote the sister of Kim Kardashian.

Kylie purchased several pairs of shoes during her shop session.

Gucci sandals from 1250 dollar, sandals from Bottega Veneta from 690 dollars and two pairs of pumps from Balenciaga, each for 995 dollars.

The new footwear was added to her closet, which is organised by brand and colour.

Her love for clothing and accessories is also evident in other parts of her house.

For example, the reality star has a ‘normal’ wardrobe and a wardrobe with only sports clothing, her interior designer told earlier.

She also has a special room for her more than four hundred designer bags and a fitting room to try out her outfits in style.

The brunette can easily pay for her shop addiction.

Prior this year, it was announced that Kylie is the youngest billionaire worldwide.

She owes this mainly to her cosmetics company.

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