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Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Are Tired


Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are Tired of Coachella’s Performance. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have responded to the criticism after their performance at the Coachella festival.


The American presenter Morgan Stewart had previously criticised Bieber’s alleged playback.

Grande performed during the festival and decided at the last minute to invite her colleague Bieber to the stage.

For Bieber, it was his first performance after a long break.

He treated her fans to his hit Sorry, but not everyone was impressed.

Presenter Stewart criticised the Canadian singer in the entertainment program Nightly Pop.

Bieber reacts to Twitter and encourages Stewart to use her platform for positivity instead of bringing others down.

Bieber explains that he sang along with a band, which he states is not unusual for a guest performance.

He then criticised Stewart. “It is people like you who bully other children so much at school that they become suicidal,”

 he writes on the social medium.

“Consider how much positivity you could provide if you were to laugh at the time you now waste on people to encourage people,” Bieber writes in his report for Stewart.

“When are we humans going to get pleasure from acknowledging each other instead of drilling into the ground,” he concludes.

Grande takes over for Bieber via Twitter. “Your friends and the world are happy to be back and enjoyed seeing you smile.

No one will ever understand what it’s like to be you.” She supports her colleague to continue making music and emphasises that he is loved.

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