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Johnson & Johnson Does Not Meet Promised Deliveries This Quarter


The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson cannot meet its delivery obligations of the second quarter, the European Commission expects.


Due to problems with the production of corona vaccines in the United States, the company is not meeting the agreed 55 million for the end of June, a spokesperson said. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not allow 17 million doses from a factory in Baltimore to be used in Europe.

“As a result of the undisclosed doses, the company is not expected to be able to deliver the 55 million vaccines by the end of this quarter,” a spokesperson told Reuters news agency. For safety reasons, the doses allegedly accidentally mixed at the factory with ingredients for the AstraZeneca vaccine are banned from the European market.

The executive board of the EU has purchased a total of 200 million doses of the Janssen vaccine developed in the Netherlands. The vaccine only requires one shot, while the other vaccines approved in the EU require two to provide adequate protection against Covid-19. So far, parent company Johnson & Johnson has supplied only 12 million doses to the EU.

According to the spokesperson, “the committee is working with the company” on delivering the agreed doses for this quarter and beyond for the EU as well as Norway and Iceland, who have also signed the contract. A Johnson & Johnson spokesperson said the company remains “committed to delivering 200 million doses.”

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