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Jeremy Clarkson Presents “Who will be Multimillionaire” on British TV


Jeremy Clarkson, the controversial ex-presenter of the BBC car magazine “Top Gear” makes his comeback as a presenter on British television on Saturday 5 May. The commercial channel ITV resumes the quiz “Who wants to be a millionaire” (known to us as “Who becomes multimillionaire”) and has chosen Clarkson to present the show, reports The English News.


Jeremy Clarkson makes his comeback on British television through the big gate. On Saturday the commercial channel ITV will resume the quiz “Who wants to be a millionaire”, now with the flamboyant Clarkson as host. Or that the candidates will be comfortable, remains to be seen.

Jeremy Clarkson (besides Richard Hammond and James May) was the striker of the rowdy trio that made the BBC car magazine “Top Gear” incredibly famous worldwide.

That came to an abrupt end when Clarkson, after a long shooting day, sold a producer of the program a slap in the face. Clarkson was displeased because the producer had not been able to open the hotel kitchen again after the closing time. He wanted a hot meal with steak and did not want to settle for a cold dish.

That was for the BBC the drop that made the bucket overflow, after a series of incidents with offensive statements for which Clarkson was forced to apologise.

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