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Jennifer Lawrence Viewed Differently About Getting Married


Jennifer Lawrence Viewed differently about getting Married after meeting her Current Boyfriend. Jennifer Lawrence (28) has spoken more extensively in the media about her fiancé Cooke Maroney (34).


The actress says that she was not about to get married, but that her boyfriend quickly changed her mind.

“He is the finest person I have ever met”, the actress in the Naked podcast tells about the art gallery owner.

When she met Maroney – she has been with him for a year – Lawrence was not getting married yet.

“I met Cooke, and I wanted to marry him.”

“I feel he’s the one. I know it sounds stupid, but he says it,” Lawrence continues.

“I am very honoured that I can also become a Maroney.”

Lawrence calls her fiance “her best friend”.

“I want to be bound to him by law forever,” laughs The Hunger Games star.

Lawrence already has a wedding dress
She has already found a wedding dress. “I’m not upset about it.

I saw a dress that I desired and thought: that’s it.

I visited a wedding location and thought: nice, and we found that too.”

Only once did Lawrence, in his own words, turn into a ‘bridezilla’.

“At the last moment, I thought that I wanted a bachelor party.

Then no one could come because it was such a short day.

Then I started crying, and I didn’t even know why. I just felt sorry for a moment.”

Lawrence and Maroney got to know each other last June through their mutual girlfriend, Laura Simpson.

In February 2019 she confirmed to be engaged.

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