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Japan Plans to Lift A State of Emergency in Several Regions


The Japanese government is considering a rapid lifting of the state of emergency in 34 regions not severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.


That’s what Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said.

A week ago, the government extended the state of national emergency to May 31, with the proviso that emergency measures may be revoked earlier if possible across the country or locally.

“As for the 34 prefectures … if we can confirm that the number of new infections remains stable, the elimination (of the state of emergency) will be in sight for many of those prefectures,” Nishimura told Monday during a session of the Japanese parliament.

Should the lifting of the state of emergency lead to considerably more infections, he believes it can be reset.

According to the latest counts from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 15,777 infections and 624 deaths have been recorded in the country since the lung virus outbreak.

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