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Japan Eases Travel Restrictions for Returning Residents


Japan is a bit more flexible concerning residents who want to return to the country. Although on Wednesday, the authorities asked airlines not to sell new tickets for flights to Japan for a month because of the Omikron variant, the government came back to this on Thursday.


A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said the sudden decision confused on Wednesday. “Therefore, the needs of Japanese citizens who want to return home are taken into account,” the spokesperson said. Airlines are allowed to sell tickets again.

Despite the strict measures, Omikron has already been able to reach the island state. The authorities have reported two infections. According to Japanese media, it concerns a diplomat from Namibia and a traveller who has been to Peru.

Japan also had a very strict entry policy earlier in the pandemic. About 77 percent of the population has now been fully vaccinated, and some groups are also receiving booster vaccines.

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