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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Removes Banner Photo Featuring Trump


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has removed a banner photo from his Twitter account showing him with outgoing US President Donald Trump.


It’s a sign that Trump may have lost another loyal ally after a mob of supporters incited by the president stormed the Washington parliament building on Wednesday.

The photo of Netanyahu and Trump has long been at the top of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Twitter page and served as a visible symbol of the close ties between the two right-wing politicians.

Early Tuesday, another photo suddenly appeared on the banner, one showing Netanyahu being vaccinated against the coronavirus with the slogan of the Israeli vaccination campaign.

When another image in honour of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah briefly graced Netanyahu’s Twitter banner last month, there was also speculation in the Israeli press that the love between Trump and Netanyahu might have cooled down severely. After Hanukkah, however, another photo appeared with ‘Bibi’ and Trump on that spot.

Netanyahu’s Twitter page did not explain why the photo with Trump, whose eventual the second impeachment will be voted on Tuesday, has been removed. Netanyahu had described the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters Thursday as a “frenzy.”

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