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“IPad Works From IOS 13 With A Connected Mouse”


“iPad Works from iOS 13 with a connected Mouse.” Apple adds the ability to connect a mouse to an iPad with iOS 13, multiple sources report, including software researcher Steve Troughton-Smith, on Twitter on Tuesday.


The support would be added to the accessibility options as a new feature.

Users may use an iPad with the introduction of mouse support better as a replacement for a laptop.

The iOS operating system of the iPad will not be adjusted if a mouse is connected.

For example, the screen will not look like a MacBook.

That way the tablet also continues easy to operate by hand.

It is not clear how the mouse can be connected.

Reportedly, a mouse can not only be connected to the iPad with a USB cable but also wirelessly via Bluetooth.

New functions in iOS 13
Earlier this month, it appeared that iOS 13 is likely to get a dark mode.

Also, white backgrounds are made black, so that the screen looks less bright in the dark.

Also, it would be permissible on the iPad to open multiple windows of the same app.

Each window would appear as a map and be able to slide over each other,

 just like windows on the macOS computer operating system.

Apple unveils the next version of iOS at the WWDC 2019 developer conference.

This event takes place annually in June. Updates for iOS are then implemented free of charge in September.

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