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Intel Plans 80 Billion Euros in Investments in Europe

Intel wants to allocate up to around 80 billion euros for chip factories in Europe over the next ten years. That’s what CEO Pat Gelsinger said.


He made the statements at the Munich Motor Show, where he also promised that the large Intel plant in Ireland would start making semiconductor components for the automotive industry. Global chip shortages have plagued automakers (and many other industries) for some time now.

The Corona pandemic has fueled increased demand and a slowdown in production and deliveries that seems far from catching up. In addition, due to a lack of chips, several car factories had to shut down the band temporarily.

‘An 80 billion euro project over the next ten years could be a catalyst for the semiconductor industry’, says Gelsinger. ‘Cars are increasingly becoming computers with tires. So it would help if you had us and we need you. The intention is to create an innovation centre in Europe, for Europe.’

He is thinking of expanding the existing semiconductor plants in Europe, he adds, so that they have greater capacity. There are also said to plan for two new facilities. The options include our country, next to France, Germany, Poland or the Netherlands. The final decision will be made later this year.

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