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Instagram and Snapchat Sued After Selena (11) Suicide in US


Instagram and Snapchat have been sued in the United States by the mother of a girl who committed suicide at 11. Selena Rodriguez has been highly addicted to social media for two years, which would have led her to take her own life.


The indictment isn’t the first to blame a young person’s suicide on social media, but it comes at a sensitive time for the platforms. At the end of last year, a group of American states launched an investigation into Instagram. That research focuses on the risk that Instagram poses to young people and children’s mental health and well-being, precisely groups that the social network likes to associate with.

The reason was a whistleblower who stated that Instagram’s parent company Meta had been aware of the influence Instagram had on young users for years but did not take any action. The company responded at the time by saying that reports that it put profit over safety were untrue.

Tammy Rodriguez accuses Meta and Snapchat mom Snap of their product not working properly. She also accused them of negligence and alleged violation of California’s consumer protection law. However, the heaviest criticism goes to Snapchat. That social network would reward users for attention “in lavish and dangerous ways.”

So far, social media companies have successfully defended themselves against such things. They usually invoke a 1996 US law that makes internet platforms not liable for the consequences of what their users post. That law has been under discussion for some time.

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