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Independent News Site from Hong Kong Adds the Books


Hong Kong independent news site Citizen News announced late on Sunday that it would be closing the books on Tuesday. That’s because the pressure on media outlets is increasing in Hong Kong.


“Unfortunately, due to the profound changes in society over the past two years and the deteriorating media environment, we can no longer fearlessly turn our beliefs into reality,” it said in a statement circulated on social media. “We found ourselves in a critical situation in the middle of an emerging storm. In a crisis situation, we must guarantee the safety and well-being of everyone on board.”

Last week, Hong Kong authorities charged two more journalists from the online news channel Stand News with sedition. That happened a day after the pro-democracy channel was forced to close.

In June, Apple Daily was forced to close after the pro-democracy newspaper came under fire by authorities for alleged violations of the so-called security law. Founder Jimmy Lai is in prison.

Since July 1, 1997, the former British colony has rejoined China, and Hong Kong has been administered semi-autonomously as a special administrative region. Last year, China imposed that drastic national security law on Hong Kong.

Beijing hopes that this will put an end to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Hundreds of activists were arrested under that security law, which is as vague as it is far-reaching.

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