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Huawei: US Penalty Hits 3 Billion Users Worldwide


The fact that the United States wants to expand its measures against the Chinese technology group Huawei affects more than 3 billion people who use the products and services of the Chinese company.


That let Huawei know Monday. Besides, the punishment affects “the expansion, maintenance and management” of mobile networks in more than 170 countries, which according to Huawei are worth hundreds of billions.

Huawei was put on the criminal list a year ago. The company is no longer allowed to use certain US technologies. For example, Huawei phones may no longer have an extended version of the Android operating system.

Still, there were opportunities to circumvent the sentence. A few days ago, Washington announced that it wants to prevent Huawei from buying chips with American software and technology. The thumbscrews are then tightened further.

Huawei calls the decision “arbitrary and harmful, which threatens to undermine the entire industry worldwide.” Moreover, according to Huawei, it will backfire: “The United States uses its own technological power to crush companies from other countries.

This undermines the confidence of international companies in American technology. Ultimately, this will harm American interests. ”

The Chinese company says it is “inevitable” that its operations will feel the effects of the punishment, but Huawei cannot say anything about the exact impact.

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